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NBA players, and especially those so favored to be teammates of Metta World Peace, have likely spent the last few years thinking they are getting pranked every time the former Ron Artest pulls one of his only-Metta World Peace antics. If he’s not doing dangerous things, like that whole “accidental” elbow situation, he’s dropping rap albums, providing strange quotes or appearing in Lifetime movies.

But now, rather than World Peace unleashing his silliness whenever he feels like it and taking advantage of whatever players are in his path, he’s going to make an actual art of it. World Peace is partnering with LMNO Productions, which made a hidden camera series with CBS, to make a show of his own. Metta World Pranks will feature pro athletes “in hidden camera bits,” according to World Peace will play practical jokes on fellow athletes, family members, friends and fans. “Pranking and practical jokes are part of the athletic culture, so it comes naturally to Metta,” LMNO Productions president Eric Schotz said. “Metta has a great sense of humor, and this show will be a natural vehicle for him to showcase a side of his personality we don’t get to see on the court.” Or a side that we already do get to see on the court, and in the locker room afterward, and in strange interview and talk show appearances.

This time, though, teammates may not shrug off World Peace’s silly or sporadic behavior, seeing as he’ll have planned all his pranks ahead of time, and at their behest. Hey, maybe this could be a good thing. This could get wild — and instead of us having to scavenge YouTube for clips, World Peace is hopefully going to save his best stuff for this show.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Metta World Peace to Develop Hidden Camera Show ‘Metta World Pranks’ to Prank Athletes, Fans