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Telly Awards

Seriously Funny Kids with Heidi Klum, Bronze 2012

The Little Couple, Bronze 2012

True Life: I’m The Big Girl, Silver 2012

Bipolar Mysteries: Families in Crisis, Silver 2010

The Bear Whisperer, Silver 2010

Woman with 15 Personalities, Bronze, 2010

I Get That a Lot, Bronze, 2010

Meteorite Men, Bronze, 2010

Manson’s Missing Victims, Silver 2009

Steve Fossett: What Went Wrong, Bronze 2009

Could You Survive?, Bronze 2009

National Body Challenge, Bronze 2009

My War Diary, Silver 2008

Anatomy of a Giant, Silver 2008

Lance Armstrong: Running for Life, Silver 2008

Fit to Live, Bronze 2008

Deserving Design with Vern Yip, Bronze 2008

Cine Awards

The Bear Whisperer, 2012

Unusual Suspects, 2012

I Get That A Lot, 2012

Cine Special Jury Awards

The Bear Whisperer, 2013

The Communicator Awards

Could You Survive?, Award of Distinction 2009

Deserving Design, Award of Excellence 2008

Anatomy of a Giant, Award of Excellence 2008

Fit to Live, Award of Excellence 2008

The Gabriel Awards

Marathon Love, 2009

The Gracie Awards

The Little Couple, Outstanding Reality Show 2010

Wedding Central, Outstanding Reality Show 2008

US International Film & Video Festival

Could You Survive?, Certificate for Creative Excellence 2009

National Body Challenge, Certificate For Creative Excellence 2008

Deserving Design, Gold Camera 2008

Lance Armstrong: Running for Life, Silver Screen 2008

My War Diary, Silver Screen 2007

Lance Armstrong: Stories of Survival, Gold Camera 2006

CINE Golden Eagle Awards

Bipolar Mysteries: Families in Crisis, 2010

Little People: Just Married, 2009

Deserving Design with Vern Yip, 2008

Lance Armstrong: Running for Life, 2007       

Obese at 16: A Life in the Balance, 2006

A Face for Yulce, 2006

The Houston International Film Festival

Deserving Design, Gold Remi Award 2008

My War Diary, Gold Remi Award 2007

Anatomy of A Giant, Bronze Remi 2007

Iraq: Front-Line ER, Special Jury Remi Award 2006

MFI:  Medical Fraud Investigators, Gold Remi Award 2006

Lance Armstrong:  Stories of Survival, Gold Remi Award 2006

Chicago International TV Awards

I Get That a Lot, Gold Plaque Award 2010

A Face for Yulce, Certificate of Merit 2006

Freddie Awards (International Health and Medical Media Awards)

My Big Fat Body, 2009

Iraq: Frontline ER, 2007

A Face for Yulce, 2006

New York Festivals

The Little Couple, Finalist Award 2012

I Get That A Lot, Finalist Award 2012

The Bear Whisperer, Silver World Medal 2011

Anatomy of a Giant, Silver 2007

National Body Challenge, Silver 2007

Fire Me Please, Silver 2006

Lifeline: Dr. Oz, Finalist Award 2006

Our Most Recent Awards

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